About Go Local YYC

About Go Local YYC

Who We Are

Go Local YYC is a dynamic nonprofit initiative designed to provide a place for local Calgary businesses, along with the customers and communities they serve, to support one another and build positive momentum in response to challenging times. 

How can we support each other? 

So often we ask our friends who do you know that does "THIS" -  Now you can use Go Local YYC Directory to find local friends that you can help and they help you!

Raise Awareness

Go Local YYC strives to raise awareness and support our city to succeed, with a goal to bring together a steadily rising collective of hundreds of local businesses all driving progress together under the Go Local YYC baner. 

If you are part of a local Calgary business, this initiative is built for you.

View our fast-expanding member directory and find out how you can participate via a range of promotional opportunities, events, Go Local YYC swag and more. 

If you are a Calgarian looking to show your support for the local, independent businesses that serve your community, get involved in spreading the brand of Go Local YYC via everything from social media to engaging with our member businesses.  

Perspectives on progress: Founding members

The initial group of four companies that came together to develop the Go Local YYC concept includes
Sam Patel Real EstateCBS Bio PlatformsMORAD Creative and sermo.farm.

Help Us Meet Our 2021 Goal

Growing our membership businesses and boosting our social media footprint, together we can help our local business community not just survive but thrive. Preserving and strengthening a vital part of what makes Calgary special.