How It Works

How It Works

How It Works?


Register Your Business

Just Click JOIN US. We will review and confirm your registration. Then we'll send you FREE Go Local YYC stickers to your business address. You can also buy Go Local YYC swag or tags that you can to your own swag.



Give Us A Shoutout!

You can then validate your participation by doing a social media post that includes an image of your Go Local YYC sticker or related swag or use the hashtag #GoLocalYYC in your post. 



Connect & Support Members

Now you’re off to the races! We'll feature your business on our Instagram account. You can then connect with other Go Local YYC Members and benefit from events, podcasts, social shoutouts and more. 


Join Go Local YYC For Free Today!

Growing our membership businesses and boosting our social media footprint, together we can help our local business community not just survive but thrive. Preserving and strengthening a vital part of what makes Calgary special.