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YYC Stronger, Brighter, Together

A new initiative to support local businesses in Calgary. Join for free and show your support. Give a shoutout using  #Golocalyyc

What is Go Local YYC?

A nonprofit organization launched in Calgary to offer local businesses and their customers a unique platform for raising awareness, supporting one another and championing a vibrant united response to challenging times.

How does it work? 

  1. Join and create your free online profile 
  2. Give us a shout out using the #GoLocalYYC
  3. Browse the directory, grow your network and support each other!
  4. Stay tuned for special member benefits

Why Join Go Local YYC

 It’s simple, fun, and brings us ALL together. There’s a fit for every business that shares a passion
for a strong and vibrant YYC. A few of many features include:

Member Profile &  Directory

Strut your stuff and power your networking. Create your profile and be known to other members.

Some Sweet Swag

Cobrand dat schwag! Take advantage of fresh takes that combine your identity with our Go Local YYC logo & more.

Social Media Shoutouts

Amplify your brand and message with ties to #GoLocalYYC.

Access to Podcasts (coming soon!)

Go deeper into the digisphere with premium options to capture knowledge, connect and communicate.

Member Events (coming soon!)

Celebrate local while sharing insights and ideas to keep YYCBiz strong.

Discounts for Members

Enjoy exclusive offers unique to #GoLocalYYC.

*As we grow our list of members and COVID limitations are lifted, we'll be scheduling live events, podcasts and more. 

Is Free!

Join the movement! Make our vibe your tribe. Our basic membership and directory listing is free. Businesses of all types and sizes are encouraged to get involved.

Recent News

Go Local YYC launched to help support local businesses

‘Stronger, Brighter, Together’ – championing progress and opportunities for all Calgary, ALBERTA…

Connect with YYC

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Volunteer Opportunities

As a nonprofit, Golocalyyc is looking for volunteers to help spread the word, manage social media, host events and more. If you're interested, please let us know!

Powered By Local

It was started by a group of local businesses that have come together to create and rally support behind this concept, providing simple options for all types of Calgary businesses to participate.

For Businesses: Website profile, promotion opportunities & more

The initiative is anchored by this Go Local YYC website and its many features. Initial member benefits include member profile & directory, social media shout outs, member events, discounts for members, access to podcasts, “some sweet swag” and more. 

Basic membership and directory listing is free. Businesses of all types and sizes are encouraged to learn more and get involved.

 For everyone: Show your passion!

Love our awesome local businesses? While a main focus is businesses themselves getting involved and driving progress, customers and all Calgarians can also participate by wearing Go Local YCC swag and sharing their pride in local YCC via #GoLocalYYC across social media platforms.

How Businesses Can Join Go Local YCC

Get started today, to boost your business profile and support the broader local Calgary business community. 

Ready to join the movement? If you are a local Calgary business, the process is simple.